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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Id swap out the Dell 24 for the 27" as it usually goes for about 750-850 when on sale. PLUS it will help "justify" the cost of going SLI'd 580s :)
Of course if you all you plan on doing is driving a 24" 19x12 monitor drop back to ONE 580 right now and later drop in a second one IF you need it. Easy 5 bills savings right there.

Revo X2 240 is a beast, so no need for the VRaptor. You dont need the 10K vraptor for a scratch disk, it will mainly be wasted. Get a WD 2TB Black instead....or depending on IF the 3TB Black is out by the time you buy....get it instead. ;)

Also the SF2000's maybe out before you buy and they just might make the Revo X2 EOL'ed and obsolete. SSDs change to fast to really plan much ahead. So I'd play that one by ear if I were you. ALSO if you want to save some money...drop back and get a 120GB Vertex 2. It is VERY fast, will not get into a degraded state like the Revo's do and unless you have used SSDS in the past will still be VERY happy with it and with the power of the WD Black 2TB you will still have LOTS of space for games and the such. Easy 3.5 bills of saving there.

The mobo is overkill. Do you really NEED something that big with that many lanes? I doubt it, two for 580s at most and a x4 slot for the Revo (at most) == more mundane board. Get a good top of the line Asus or GB in the 3-3.5bill range and save another 2 bills. :)

That ram is GOOD but once again do you plan on INSANE OC's that require DDR3-2000? Its not like ram speed is going to make much dif in the overall performace of your system. Give it some thought and you might be able to drop back a notch and save some more coin there as well.
Excellent tips, AKG! Really appreciate your insightful suggestions. This is my first time building a computer so I hope you guys understand that some of the components I have chosen might not be appropriate. This will be my first time using an SSD, so maybe the Vertex will do. As for the motherboard, I felt justified to go with that mobo because I thought I could take advantage of the extra slots in the future.
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