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Originally Posted by Polygon View Post
Those filco boards are discontinued at that seller, you can still get them off some tawainese websites (and korean, japanese) I think. If your buying in Q1 2011 though is going to restock with a different brand (most likely ducky) which are very similar and for a similar price. Just thought you should know. Also, buy some red WASD keys with those Only like $3 extra I think, and they look really spiffy.

edit: also these might float your boat. - Rosewill Cherry MX Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Otherwise looks pretty good, if you make that nice of a build though make sure to take some pictures and post in the Gallery so we can drool over it! hehe..
Thanks for the heads up, Polygon. I have my mind set on the FILCO keyboard so I guess I have to look for the Taiwanese dealer you mentioned.

I'll definitely post up some pictures as soon as I'm finished. In exchange for all the helpful tips I'm getting; that's that least I can do for you guys!
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