Thread: Want to Sell BNIB I7 970 $550 Shipped
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Originally Posted by Goalieman077 View Post
Shouldn't the origins be allowed to be know since reselling retail edge CPU's is against the sale agreement?
I told you the origins. I don't realty care about he resale thing. I'm 99% sure it was originally from retailedge but I didn't break any agreements so it doesn't bother me.

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
Well actually yes it is your concern

Serious buyer questions here from a serious potential purchase

Will Intel honour the warranty on this product?
Are there reasons why they would not honour warranty on this product?
Will you offer warranty on this product in the event that Intel refuses to cover any warranty due to issues with the purchase?

Will you accept $250 USD
I'm sure there is a warranty but I'm not 100% sure. No I wont offer a warranty I'm not a store. And honestly, why are you even asking about warranty when you think there is a chance of getting it for $250. Even if icdid get it from retail edge that's less then it costs.
Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
does the retail edge thing apply to the person who got it directly there and the person who he/she/it sells it to or not?

not a bump.
like I said I don't know and don't care. How is it supposed to affect me if I didn't even know about a resale clause. And I actually didn't until people posted in this thread.

Originally Posted by FlyingFish View Post
From the Retail Edge Page:

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Product and Warranty Information
  • Intel processors offered in the Purchase Program are covered by the standard three-year product warranty.
  • Installation instructions, warranty information, contact information and an Intel sticker will be included in the box.
  • Processors are already released for sale and fully supported by Intel Customer Support.
  • Purchase Program purchasers are entitled to Standard Warranty Replacement coverage but not Advance Warrant Replacement coverage.

Digging through the manual in the box it says that you need to have proof of purchase for warranty service. The manual also says in very very large capital letters that the warranty only extends to the original purchaser. Warranty coverage is terminated with a transfer.

Therefore... to get warranty coverage you'd need the original invoice, (all the RE ones have names on them) and the original buyer of this to help out. So in other words, no warranty.

Sorry if this is a threadcrap.
thanks for the info good to know I guess. Again though, I dontsee the huge deal I'm warranty when your getting something bni for $400 under msrp
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