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Originally Posted by TimTheEnchanter View Post
texas, seems like you didn't enjoy DII, but i can swear that the game should be considered as epicly good considering the huge community it rose and the years of interest people have given to this game.
I liked DII + Lord of Destruction, but not as much as the original. Case in point, I bought my kids their own copy of DII, created them a battlenet account, and we used to play all the time.

I even pre-ordered DII and was standing in front of the store 15 - 20 minutes before they opened the day DII was released. For months before the release, my homepage was - just to make sure I stayed updated on the news.

Now that DIII is getting close, I told my 2 youngest kids (14 and 16), that when DIII is released, we are going to have a Diablo marathon. We are going to start with the original Diablo, play through it, play through DII + LOD, and then start on DIII. My daughter who is 14 looked at my like I was crazy and said something along the lines of "no we're not." Then I said something like "oh yes we are.",,,,, and then we went back and forth for a little while.
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