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My System Specs


Originally Posted by kendallcschm View Post

5274 was my score.... does it support crossfire? ... cause if thats my crossfire score then I'm very sad
Cf is supported out of the box

Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^^^ Yeah ran it and ...meh......P6500....hardly worth getting excited over.......visuals are "ok"....certainly didn't seem to "blow me away".
Vantage looked pretty crappy too at the default res. 1920x1200 was a different story though

Originally Posted by Delavan View Post

Got my score...P 4232.....Q9550 @ 3.8GHz and HD5870 reference at stock clocks...

nice looking benchmark, but that MSI focus in the first benchie/demo was TOO MUCH...ANTEC jeep? Bof...

Waiting for HD6950 crossfire benchmarks!!!!! Or Bulldozer+HD6950 Xfire or SLI GTX570!!!!
Advertising = the reason basic is so functional compared to previous benches and advanced is so cheap.

Oh well what can you expect from a 3-4 year old CPU at 24/7 clocks.

SLi peeps - Forcing AFR2 apparently works until Nvidia updates the sli profiles.
All's well that's Haswell
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