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Originally Posted by pierrebai View Post
While I enjoy reading the meat of your reviews, they tend to falter in the
conclusion section. No wonder some accuse you of NVIDIA fanboyism. Every review
of their cards ends up with ridiculous hyperbole. First we had the GTX580 with
epic performance of biblical proportions. Now we got a "thermonuclear bomb"
that "completely obliterates" and is "simply awe-inspiring"? Please. Leave the
overstatements for the marketroid sheets, less you want to fan the flame of the
trolling torch-bearers and lose credibility.
If you keep those statements in context, they're more colourful than overstated.

- "thermonuclear bomb going off" implies that the 570 gives comparable performance to the 580 at a much lower price point ($150-200 cheaper). I'd sooner comment that the price comparison is missing from the conclusion, thus not giving adequate illustration as to why there is a "thermonuclear bomb going off".
- "completely obliterates" implies that the improvements over the 470 are noticeable.
- "simply awe-inspiring" alludes to the fact that the card's performance exceeds what the reviewer would expect for a sub $400 card.

Context is everything; keep those statements in context and they have some actual meaning, as opposed to just being over-statements.
While the GTX 580 made a relatively large splash in the upper end price bracket and surprised quite a few people, the GTX 570 is like a thermonuclear bomb going off. This $350 card completely obliterates the GTX 470 and manages to run neck and neck with a GTX 480 in the vast majority of games while consuming significantly less power. Its performance was simply awe-inspiring for a product that costs less than $400.
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