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I've had both the Carcharias and the 7H. The Carcharias was extremely comfortable, the microphone was okay (Not ridiculously great, a bit on the unadjustable side) and the sound quality in games was great. Unfortunately for movies and especially music, it lacked bass and the real sound quality somebody who enjoys music would want. When Linus was asked to compare the 7H directly to the HS1, he says the HS1 is an absolutely great headset, but the 7H is just phenomenal. I have the 7H now (And I've previously had the Sound Blaster Arenas as well) and indeed, the sound quality on the 7H is just amazing. It has a perfect serving of tight bass, wonderful for genres ranging from rock to trance. I love the 7H: It is extremely comfortable, the interchangeable earcups are great (I wear cloth most of the day, switch to pleather for some movies, if I want a bit of extra bass impact or if it's cold). The microphone quality is excellent, however there is a problem. The modular cable that connects to the left earcup via Micro-USB is firmly in place, but when it moves in the slightest bit, very loud microphone static is produced. I think the modular cable was a great idea, but at the same time an absolutely horrible design flaw. I'm sending my beautiful 7H off to get it RMA'd, and I really hope the problem goes away. I doubt they're defective though; I"m afraid it's just a design flaw I'll have to live with in exchange for the phenomenal sound quality.
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