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My System Specs


Vidio rendering loves lots and lots of Ram. If I remember I saw a post on EVGA web forims saying so.

The SR-2 Is dreem Vidio bord 5680 and as much Ram will fit in .

EDIT: EVGA forums

I do 3D animation and let me tell you this thing is amazing. Overclocked Xeons? Crazy. It's silly fast when rendering 3D scenes. For example, my company bought a few HP Z600's with dual E5620's in them. They allowed me to build my own rig. I went with an SR-2 and dual E5620's myself to keep things even.

Overclocked to 3.6GHz (3.8Ghz turbo), my rig is about 65% faster than the HP Z600's. A particular 3D scene takes the HP Z600's 72 seconds to render while my SR-2 does it in 48.

Two words: Jealous coworkers
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My Rigs:
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Work: EVGA SR-2, 2x E5620's @ 3.6Ghz (3.8Ghz Turbo), 2x V6 GT's, Corsair XMS3 12GB 1600, Quadro 4000, SB X-Fi, Corsair AX850, Lian Li PC-A77F

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