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Default Video Editing Suite of Unending Fury

Alright, now I've got myself an order for one of the most brutish and ballsiest of machines I've ever built and it comes with a plethora of requirements and questions. I've had limited success in talking to Avid (as it will be their software and hardware that it has to be compatible with) and now find myself needing more answers than what they've provided me. To clarify, I haven't been able to reach Avid at all, and so now you guys are hopefully going to fill some gaps while I await their correspondence.

So the company I'm doing this for is upgrading from a dual core Xeon that was purchased roughly 5 or 6 years ago, and although I can't recall it at the moment I believe it was P4 architecture. Right now they're wanting a dual socket motherboard with dual quad core Xeon processors and a sufficient enough Quadro card for their needs. These guys do everything from local car dealership commercials to government contracted documentaries to series for smaller, community networks. Of course, they do it in SD and HD.

I'll list off the current equipment I know of:

Avid Raid (SCSI) -> this is getting reused in the new setup
Avid Adrenaline w/ DNXcel -> potentially getting reused
Quadro 1400
Dual Core Xeon, 2GB Memory
Nothing else of much note

I'm toying around fitting them a rig with an SR-2, 2x Xeons (5520ish), and 6-12GB of memory (leaning 12). If a true server board will suit me better I'm open to suggestions. I originally went away from the idea of server motherboards as they seemed to not only be of limited availability, but also limited in features. And yea, I want to build an SR-2 system so maybe its just because of that. I'd also top it off with a Quadro 3800/4800 (don't get me started on the apparent requirement for a Quadro card).

So my questions as of now are:

- Will an SR-2 function well in this scenario and does anyone have experience trying to get Avid to work on a similar setup? They're going to be going with Media Composer 5 eventually.

- Does anyone know the specific advantages an Adrenaline w/ DNXcel vs a Nitris DX? This one is a bit more specific to Avid but I thought I'd take a shot in the dark and see if anyone has experience here.

- I'd need to get a SCSI add in card to get the Avid Raid going on the new system, but I assume I'd need to rebuild the array as well. Does anyone have any experience with Avid Raid?

- Is there any reason why Avid lists low end Quadro cards in the requirements but will refuse to sell you anything but one of the latest models? Is this simply profits or do the Quadros play an integral part that cheaping out on them will cause all sorts of issues for you?

That's a good enough start I suppose, I'm probably missing vast tracts of information but we'll likely get to that soon enough.
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