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Default Does Size matter? (smartphones)

Is it just me or would you guys prefer a bigger, more durable phone with a longer battery life?

I really don't need a phone any smaller than the current ones. In fact I would much rather have a thick phone and have it durable with reasonable reception and battery life. I am using an iphone 3gs at the moment, but have already smashed the glass front twice and the earpiece no longer works. once I dropped the phone and once it was in my pocket and I was lifting some very heavy / awkward pieces of steel and smashed it in my pocket. Speakerphone for every call now :( For the most part I like the features of the phone, but the battery life and lack of reception just kill me. If I'm using the phone heavily for calls/games/web surfing ro anything I can't even make it through a day without having to recharge or use an external battery. I had a motorola e850 with an extended battery that would last 3 full days of continual use. Mind you the phone was over an inch thick, but that was fine with me.
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