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Default HDD failure or Motherboard failure?

Ok so yesterday my computer froze in a game of LoL (League of Legends) which isn't very intensive and has never happened before for me. Then I press the reset button and my BIOS screen is on for more than usual, then I get the message that no HDD is detected, I reboot again and it says BOOTMRG missing (boot manager - no windows drive)... go into BIOS but my WD Black 1tb IS recognized. I'm wondering if the disk just died so I power off, swap cables and try different ports. It doesn't work on any port/cord... then I retry it and it works for some reason. Everything was normal. Now today (haven't touched anything) my computer freezes and I reboot and same thing happens... My main 250gb seagate HDD with windows 7 on does not show up in BIOS. My WD1tb black does.

Weird thing is, for the last month since I've had my WD1tb for storage sometimes when I boot up my computer (in the past) the WD drive wasn't recognised either. Or when I had my 160gb drive plugged in for fraps recording it wouldn't show up either, yet sometimes it WOULD show up.

So, I'm wondering how the hell I know what's causing this and what I should do - new motherboard? format?

P.S. I'm thinking of upgrading my motherboard and CPU but kinda want to wait to see what the 1155 will bring.
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