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My System Specs


Have the HS1's... one thing to note is that they are tight on your head... Also they aren't light..

The time-frames that your talking about wearing the headset for, you may want to consider this... I find after a few (many) hrs of wearing these that I really need a break.. They don't hurt my ears.. but they kind of sit on my jaw, This isn't noticable in the short term... BUT after hrs of use it really is

As for the mic on them... generally headsets have a directional mic... ie. if it isn't coming from your mouth or VERY loud, then it shouldn't pick it up in any major way..

I was looking at wireless headsets when I bought these and a m8 got a TINY set that is really light, really comfy (neckband type) and not very expensive.... usb charged.. I would consider something similar if I were you... alot to be said for wireless.. - Logitech H760 USB Connector Supra-aural Wireless Headset
Think these are the ones he got.. Haven't listened to the mic.. but logitech aren't stupid enough to put a rubbish mic on awireless headset (or at least I would imagine)..
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