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My System Specs


I bought it so i could turn everything on. I'm still searching out options for Real hardware raid cards (the promise one looks fine, for 130 new, like i said it need to be PCI, cant be PCIe with a riser it wont fit in the case)., hopefully getting one from work out of a dell poweredge. the card i have now can be used as a sata controller as well, i mean that pretty much what it is and use software if need be.

but i appreciate any feedback. I have super redundancy, these 4 640GB's, a main PC with a 1TB, and external 750gb, all with the same backed up data. plus my living room PC has all my music backed up so music is quadruplicate backed up, and all other files are in triplicate (movies,TV seriers,Pictures, documents etc.. )
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