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Default 120HZ Monitor for gaming worth it?

I am wondering someone with knowledge, is it currently worth upgrading to a 120hz monitor. The truth is I very well like the monitor I have now. However I pretty much just play a few racing games one of them which is very graphic intense, and then play black ops currently. I honestly do not notice with with ops as much. Hard to explain there is a bit of tearing and just enviromentally it just seems like microstuttering and just doesn't feel smooth.

Now I get input leg with my racing wheel, as well as even mouse while playing those two games. I put the pre-rendered frames to 0, it's not as smooth but the leg is gone. I decided today to turn off vsync completely and I got no lag and between 250-300 FPS however it does not look smooth. It's not bad but it's just not silky smooth.

I am wondering peoples opinions if the 120hz monitor's are worth the money for the upgrade. My Samsung P2350 is an excellent monitor otherwise but I feel like I am missing out on the smoothness I should otherwise get.

It would probably set me back about $400-500 for the monitor, is a monitor from 60hz to 120hz going to make that big of a difference. From what I hear people say yes, and I will have no problem holding 120 fps I am double that as it is. But I want to elimanate Vsync completely, I feel like I almost can do it now if I could just get it to run smoother. Just not happening right now tho.

I can post my current nvidia settings, I am just hoping it's monitor related and nothing else. I can run my settings to the max or the lowest and it still exists. In COD it's not that noticeable.

These are the models I am looking at: - Buy ASUS VG236HE 23IN 1080P 120HZ 2MS 3D Vision Ready LCD Monitor DVI HDMI - VG236HE In Canada. - Buy Acer GD235HZ Bid 23.6IN 3D Ready 120HZ Widescreen LCD Monitor 1920X1080 80000:1DC 2MS DVI HDMI - ET.UG5HP.001 In Canada.

Thing that worries me is people seem to be complaining about the same thing with the acer. The back light bleeding through.

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