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Have the Razer headset myself, can say that people have said they can hear me just fine with no problems in the audio in game. It's a comfortable headset to wear, the mic boom is nice not majorly adjustable but seems to be placed at the right distance already, is sturdy. The headband itself is made from good quality plastic the a lot of the headset itself is made of metal though, its been through a lot of abuse had it almost a year now, with a lot of people wearing it throwing it around, no damage done. dont have a real sound card myself just a bernstein card that came with my t3eh8 mobo. braided cable is amazing, high high quality, will not break on you, and I've experienced no real hissing as you describe. Also the volume control works great, seems to be quality construction on it as well. Only downfall to the headset is it is an open headphone design so i have people over a lot and they can hear everything even at med-low volume sometimes when i got the headphones on. Also Music playback isn't the best, but is pretty decent.
Can't say anything on the other 2 headsets, but was looking at the HS1 and it looks pretty nice.
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