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As far as I can tell Fluance flood sites with reviews from their own employees. This is some info from a poster at Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity:

just recently purchased a set of SV-10's and I must say, either all of the previous reviews that I have seen where done by FLUANCE themselves or there are a lot of people who don't know what REAL speakers are supposed to sound like! First off I did what everyone claims to do such as give them time to break in, Bi-wire, bla, bla ,bla and still all they could muster was just plain ole' sound! Sort of like they way basic car speakers sound, flat muddy with the detail hidden below the mud! So i figured i would crack these mudd ducks open and see what was inside! Boy did I get hosed! Of course I knew that was probably gonna happen, but now we know. First off, the wood is of the pressed fiber type and measures 11mm thick, not even 1/2"! Then I pulled the sub out, if you could call it that, and just as I figured, Junk!I have seen better stock CAR speakers then these! Then there's the cross-over, Now I am thinking maybe the crossover is the real thing, but nope, once again junk! Hell, my kid could have done a better job in electronics class! maybe thats why when I put my ear up to the sub you can hear just about everything. So much for "Low Pass" filtering! I think it was more like "All pass filtering" And never mind the dampening foam....OK maybe the small little piece they threw in is good enough! Anyway you getthe picture! Not even anywhere near worth $299.00! I could run out to my car, pull out my Pioneers, slap them in a wooden box and even they would sound better! There is one thing good that I can say and that is the build quality is not too bad. All in all these are just another scam speaker but with a better quality build to make you think you are getting something worthwhile but in reality just another "White Van" speaker. I hope this sheds some light these speakers
I guess at that price it's no big loss to try them, but I'd rather spend my money on some great Canadian speakers like Axiom Audio.
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