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Default HS1 vs 7H vs Carcharias

So I've been doing a bunch of research in an attempt to find the headset that best suits my needs. I've managed to narrow it down to these three. Before I go into anything, I'll mention my setup and what I want from my headset.

I had a Microsoft LiveChat LX 3000 for a year, and it worked fine. The mic quality was good, which is one of the most important factor in a headset for me. I spend anywhere from 2-8 hours a day in Skype with friends. (yes I am aware that I could probably benefit from going outside) This headset broke because the cable is horrible. It tangles on itself and bended to the point of splitting the microphone wire. I couldn't do anything to stop it from happening.

That being said, I want a headset with a high quality microphone, decent sound quality, and very high durability. I was going to get a 6850 with this money, so if I'm going to drop 80-150 dollars on headset, I want it to last 2 years at least.

I've read a few reviews of the 7H that says it feels cheap, however the NCIX review seemed to recommend the headset highly. I really like the idea of having a cable that I plug into the headset, rather than one that is permanently attached. That being said, I have to wonder if there would be any static/hissing as a result of these connections. The Razer headset generally has good reviews, and I trust razer, but I am in no position to get a sound card and I have crappy onboard realtek sound. My worry is that if I connect to my on board sound I will get that slight hissing/static in both the speakers and the mic. This really annoys me and the people I am speaking with. The Corsair HS1 is generally said to have amazing build quality, but I see some reviews stating that the mic is too loose, which could be an issue. The HS1 are said to be really comfortable as well, which is a plus. I'm a bit concerned that with the Corsair sound from the headphones will end up getting sent through the mic.

So I'm basically looking for opinions from you guys, especially those of you who may own one of these headsets. Are the things I've read in reviews accurate? If there are any other headsets you recommend (keep in mind that I cannot get a soundcard) I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: Not interested in the G35 because a friend has it and he says that the cord tangles on itself just like my old one. He says it doesn't break any of the cord, but I still don't want to deal with the annoyance of that issue in any case.

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