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I take back what I said about the new revision not overclocking well. I'm sitting stable at 3.6GHz (16 hours of quintuple prime) with all 4 DIMM slots populated (4GB) running DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 @2.1V

Q6600 9x400
4x1GB of random sticks
8800 GTS
X-fi XtremeMusic
600W GameXStream
2x 320GB Seagates

Custom Water Cooling Setup.

Load temps are 82/82/78/78 with the D-tek FuZion. Not sure what voltage it's running at. My overclocking procedure was to crank it up to 9x400 because I'm pretty sure my chip is good for that, then adjust the voltage until it ran stable, haha.

A couple really irritating things about this revision:
- No soft reboots when overclocking past about 1333FSB. I have to hard reset it.
- Squealing from VRMs when overvolting CPU. It's quite annoying.
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