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Default Got hosed by printer salesman, now I want your help!

I may have worded my title too strongly, but I feel like I was taken for a ride at Staples. I go in to the store looking for a wireless all in one printer (fax, scan). I ask the salesman what he suggests, and he tells me that there are no wireless laser printers, only inkjet. He then directs me to a sale on an HP photosmart printer, it looks really nice and is going for a great price! How fantastic.

Fast forward to today, and now I realize where HP makes their money. The ink! Holy S__t! It costs as much to fill the printer with ink as it did to buy the bloody printer! The ink cartridges themselves run out pretty fast too. Not to be deterred, I came up with a sneaky plan. I went into my printer settings and told the thing to only use the black ink. This way I atleast won't waste the colour ink and I will only have to replace the black one. But wait! It seems like HP has thought of that because now I get a message on my computer every time I turn on my printer telling me that my ink is expired. Yes, expired. Maybe this ink is made of yogurt and needs to be refrigerated, I don't know. The message tells me that using this expired ink will void my warranty.

So after much preamble, I now know that there are wireless laser printers, and I think I will sell my current printer and switch over to laser. I would appreciate advice from anyone who knows about printers to suggest what model I should buy.


1. Wireless
2. Laser
3. Fax Copy Scan

Does not have to be colour, in fact I would prefer if it wasn't because then I would not have to buy colour toner.

Thanks guys.
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