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Default 28.96$ computer Case Review

I had several laying part all around my appartment and my G/F was yelling at me about those.

So what's the best way to "Store" laying parts!???? .... well you know put them together and build a working computer. Guess what i did??

well i've pass an order on NCIX while the shipping was @ 5.99$ for an order of 100$ and more and ordered a nice Compucase 6C28B from NCIX (34.60$) that i've price match with DC price to 28.96$ which is the title of this review.


I will skip the packing section since like all case i've buy so far it came in a brown box with blue logo on it, well pack with enough padding to prevent transport dommage.


First of all this is a Mid-Tower case made of black painted steel, with a nice looking front plastic benzel.

Front of this case is quite glossy and you can see all your finger print on it after you have move the case 2-3 time around to take the picture

Front benzel feature like all standard case 2x USB, and 2 Audio (microphone and speaker), big power button, that after a couple push don't get stuck on the "press" like it usualy do on all cheap case, a yelloish green power LED, yellowish orange HDD LED and of course a Reset bouton.

The lower "stripe" is for the look and for a 28.96$ case it look quite good

Left side panel feature a "dock" to help those hot sucker "eat" some fresh air. the dock is quite wide and can envelop fit perfectly a 92mm fan. It also feature a VGA vent to help cooling those hotty video card


Next is the interior of the case, this case has enough room to hold in front a 80 or 92 or 120mm fan. it case also hold a 80 or 92 or 120mm fan at the back. but to hold the 80, 92mm fan on the back you will need the adaptor which is include in the case. with a 80mm HEC sleeve bearing fan model D80SL-12.

This case can hold up to four (4) 5 drive and five(5) 5 3 drive whcih 1 of then is reserved for floppy. that 3 bay dont have the hole to fix an hard drive in it. while another floppy bay cannot be use, since the front USB, audio are fix in the front benzel right in front of that bay.

The funny part

Ah the funny part began, i have a couple of laying part like mentionned above so here's what i had laying.

Motherbaord : ABIT KT7A-RAID, KT133A, SD-ram
CPU : Athlon XP 1800+ Palomino core
RAM : 2*256mb CL2 matched stick of PC133
Video card : Nvidia GeForce 2 MX200 64mb
Sound Card : Sound Blaster Ensoniq Audio
NIC card : Startech Gigabit ethernet card
HDD : Maxtor 20Gb ATA100
CD Burner/DVD drive : Generic CD burner / Sony 16X DVD drive
PSU : HEC 250W PSu with 9A on 12V
Cooling : Thermaltake Silent Boot K7
Coolermaster 120mm fan with RED LED
Thermaltake 92mm fan (from my armor case)
Mod cooler on the GF2

After unpacking the case, picture and all i start the build and i've manage to get this result. i do not have buy any parts for that build except the case in this review.

After this build i didnt have yeld, or say any F-word, i didnt cut myseft and i had alot of fun to do this.

this case is well made, build strong for its price, and have alot of room to play with

for 28.96 you can't go wrong, ive build douzen of computer with ultra el cheapo case and with all the model i've play with (including on 33$ Asus case from DC) this one is the one i've love the more to play with.

not to heavy, but strong enought, well design, well build even for a chinese made case but these day everything is made in china.

Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P / AMD Phenom II x3 720BE @ x4/ Crucial Ballistic DDR3 / Sapphire 4830 512mb / Corsair 620W PSU / 2*80GB Seagate

DFI LP nF4 Ultra-D / AMD Opteron 165 @ 2.7Ghz/ 2*1GB OCZ Gold GX XTC / Sapphire X1950XT / Fortron 450W PSU / 2*Maxtor 80Gb

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