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Originally Posted by nophen View Post
I have no diea what they say it has 3 distinct +12V rails but there are no OCP circuits to speak single rail it is.
OCP has nothing to do with a PSU being defined as a single or multiple rail unit. A single rail will have one high current 12V regulator. If they then have for example three lines coming off of that single rail each of which is current limited then it is still technically a single rail setup and you do not get the benefits of a multi rail unit. If a PSU like this example is being sold as a "multi-rail" unit then it's just marketing games.

A multi rail PSU will have multiple 12V regulators on it thus providing independent 12V rails. The advantage of this is that any electrical noise that may be caused by a load on one rail will not affect a load on another rail, or at least have very negligible effect.

There are advantages to both setups depending on what you plan on running off of them. In most case I would think example 2 is the more desirable but if one wanted a large 12V load like a pelt cell then a single rail unit is probably a better choice as a good size pelt would probably pull too much current for one individual rail of a true multi rail PSU.

Clear as mud?
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