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Originally Posted by northernmutt View Post
I bought a used Acer 5720 laptop with a borked HDD. I replaced the HDD, installed Windows Vista Home Premium and now have a working laptop.....sort of.

I can go to the Acer website, but there are multiple drivers for this laptop. I want to install the correct ones, but I am unsure of what hardware is in this laptop.

Does anyone kow how to tell what hardware is in this laptop???

I am really frustrated by this ( I have a Dell also, and all you have to do in search by your model number and S/N and it directs you to the EXACT drivers you need) because Acer does not have the same thing as Dell.

I appreciate any help I can get!!

Have you or anyone else ever used this?:

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

I used an older version to obtain hardware info.

Now, I mostly use Linux tools to carry out tasks like this. If you want to try that alternative, let me know. But, in the meantime, the url I provided is the only Windows 'way' that I know of. Funny that there's not very many Windoze tools to obtain detailed hardware information. Hmmm..
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