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Default Can Vista save PC gaming?

I'm not a graphic designer, a software developer or a movie editor. The primary reasoning for me to upgrade my system is for games.

This has been true for about 10 years now and once again my system is starting to feel the burn.

About the most graphically advanced game I can run is Prey.

I'm an old Total Annihilation fan, so I am dying to play Supreme Commander, and Crysis looks hawt, but I'm starting to feel like PC gaming as a whole right now does not justify the $2000 I'd be spending to upgrade.

The games are few and far between (everything worth playing has either been delayed until next year or also released on Xbox 360) and home consoles and even hand held consoles are getting so many great titles right now that there is almost no need for PC gaming.

I've heard that Vista is supposed to create 90 million games ready PCs by the end of next year, which is a market nearly the size of the PS2 market. This could revitalize PC game development and harold a new age of PC gaming... or it might not.

Can Vista save PC gaming, or should I save my money and just play XBox 360 and DS games?
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