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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
Those Eurocom Clevos are monster notebooks. But I disagree, a high performance notebook does not need to be a whopping 17" back breaker. Look at the recently released LG P300. A 13.3" notebook ready for gaming. And there are a ton of 15.4" high performance notebooks out there around 6 lbs.

LG P300 Specs:
T8300 2.4GHz
8600M GS 256MB
2GB 667
LED Screen
3.6 lbs
I think the point was more about the power consumption gather than the weight. And I dont see why everyone thinks they will be low-performance laptops only. With Hybrid crossfire on there 780G boards the performance of the add-in video card is boosted. So i wouldnt be surprised if the next "mid-range" gaming laptop has some combination of the 780G with whatever AMD will make for a new-generation mobile graphics platform.
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