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My System Specs


I held off on getting the sound card until now (gpu upgrades for folding....).

Looks like the Forte is not available anywhere at the moment, and I was hoping to pick one up this weekend (Canada Computers, NCIX, or Infonec don't seem to have them).

I appreciate all the help earlier guys. If I see a Forte I may still pull the trigger on it this weekend, but they seem rare now.

So, I am looking at possibly the Xonar D2X. This has a power connector (which I stated earlier I did not want), but I am willing to bend on that. The only thing that bothers me about that purchase is that I liked the sound from my old Audigy 2 ZS better than the DX I had, but from what I hear the D2X is better, but who knows. The X-Fi looks OK, but then there are Creative's drivers, and my general dislike of the company (but my like of the sound from their cards).

So before I head out and get something in a couple of days, here are my updated requirements:

1. PCI-E
2. 5.1 or 7.1 analog
3. Primarily music
4. Don't care about headphones, optical, etc.

Thanks again and I'll be picking up something this weekend...
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