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Originally Posted by FlyingFish View Post
Good review. It is a shame that you can't get this without the headphones.

Is there a soundcard that is comparable (a good all rounder for gaming and music) that doesn't come with the headphones?

Originally Posted by Tartar: Source View Post
There is the Xonar Essence ST and STX (ST being PCI and STX being PCI-E x1) which is the card used in the comparison graphs. As the review mentions, it does lack native 7.1 support without an extra add on card, but it offers on par if not slightly better performance for 2 channel audio. I currently use a STX with my Sennheiser HD555's and I have been very impressed.
I concur with the above. The Essence STX is a fantastic card, and while geared more towards audiophiles, it offers very good gaming performance to boot. The software, and Dolby Headphone make it pretty easy to get a simulated surround sound that's pretty accurate, and can make a game like Fallout much more immersive.
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