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Default Just bought a MSI 8800 GTS 640MB :P


I received my new MSI 8800 GTS from NCIX a few days ago and I'm quite pleased overall. I managed to grab it before they removed the $50 instant rebate, so I only paid $469 for the card.

I wanted to get the E-VGA one from Direct Canada, but it was listed as unavailable last week.

However, I'm kinda glad that the EVGA 8800 was unavailable because the MSI card had a few other things going for it. Not only did it have the instant rebate at the time, but when I received the card, it was actually the OC version. Instead of the listed 500/1600Mhz, the clocks speeds were 575/1700Mhz out of the box!

AND (if it can get any better!!!) the card was shipped with Company of Heroes instead of the pictured Serious Sam 2 (I already had SS2 for awhile now) COH was $45 at my local vid game store!

I currently have the card running stable at 621/1872Mhz and my temps haven't went over 75C yet. That's pretty much what my 7900GT ran at.
3d06 score went from 5146 with the 7900GT up to 9119 with the 8800GTS
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