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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Plasmas are naturally better for gaming than LCDs. Unfortunately though, many of the premier manufacturers have been slowly backing out of this field over the last few years. The ones that remain do have issues but they are relatively minor compared to the litany of problems with modern LCD and LED-based LCD sets.

Just watch out for Samsung sets. They still have issues with buzzing.

I don't suppose you've tried out an LG PK750 yet Sky?

Design aesthetics is top notch, omg one pane of glass surface is so nice. 60 inch for $1699 is so nice too.

But I've always read that LG's are a step behind Samsung and the Panasonic for black levels. Not that it's a HUGE deal breaker for me, it's still going to be better than the POS Sharp failQuos that I am using right now.
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