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My System Specs

Default Plasma HDTV for gaming?

How are plasmas for gaming these days? I know burn in on more recient models has been solved enough to be a non-issue, but other then that how are they?

I have a 32 inch Samsung LCD right now and gaming looks pretty horrible on it. Horrible blur and the picture quality itself is just rotten. Game mode makes it so much worse I'd rather deal with the lag.

I've been looking at some 50 inch Panasonic plasmas and they look pretty damn good (well, for default settings in-store anyway). Thinking about trying to grab something around boxing day (if one goes on sale).

How are these things for gaming? How's the lag? I'll also be watching Blu-Rays, digital cable, Netflix, etc.

Also, can anyone suggest a specific model? I don't care for 3DTV right now.
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