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My System Specs


So would in your opinion the drive be a waste of money? I was thinking memory, new case, hdd. But if it's not really going to help me with things in the sense of the HDD loading quicker on boot then I am not really interested in blowing $100 on it. I honestly really don't need the speed, I just figued the drive was 5 yrs old and they might be more efficient. Hince when I built the system I did not replace the drive.

I was looking at picking up the Haf 932 Black Edition, I didn't have clearance in my case now my antec gamer for my side fan and my v8 heat sink. So I had to remove the side fan and remove the plastic insert thus making the mesh weak. I wanted to get full tower, but maybe my money is better spent elsewhere.

Where would you suggest if I was going to do an upgrade should I do it. I want the money spent efficiently. I don't need a new case either really.

I think to get the speed I want I will need SSD, but they need to come down alot before I buy one.

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right. but the caviar green wont be too fast for an os drive. its made for puters that dont necessarily are used to perform a lot of consecutive tasks or rather its more like an ideal storage drive,so far.

get an f3 or black for os. or ssd. pricey though
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