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@lowfat, I personally don't use "step" bits, but I understand that "some" types will work with plastic. I would test it first, even go as far as several times to be 100% sure it won;t crack the acrylic! Practice on a scrap piece of the same material and thickness.


Acrylic / Lexan, you use a Scribing Tool

Aluminum, you can use

1. Tin Snip or Sheet Metal Shear, but this may slightly bend or warp it, but fixed with a Rubber Mallet!
2. Nibbler
3. Hack saw, Coping Saw or Jeweler's Saw

Just a tip! C-clamp the sheet to edge of a table or workbench first. Cut outside the line... Then place the sheet in a bench vise for hand filing to get the perfect cut... And, apply some masking tape over your cut line, it can help you monitor your progression as you file.

Straight lines, cut by hand are very difficult. Von Dutch was famous for his precision hand pinstriping and metal crafting/engraving, but you can still tell up close, it was all done by hand.
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