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My System Specs

Default Home File Server - Modding Rack mount Server Chassis

SO in the Next Few weeks I will be building a Home File Server Using the following:

Parts I have and Or were Given:

ABMX 1U Rack mount Server Chassis

Intel P4 Prescott 3.0ghz

1GB Ram 2 x 512mb PC 3200 DDR400

Coolermaster HYPER 212

4x D 640GB Black HDD (Raid 5)

Coolermaster STB-3T4-E3 3X5.25IN to 4X3.5IN Drive Bay Converter

1x Kingston 64GB SSD (OS, Server 2003?)

PSU (server PSU, or Dell 350W ATX PSU)

PCI Riser Card


Raid Card (something similar to the Promise TX 4310) Im looking for donations and or a low cost Raid card.

My goal is to modify the top cover to accommodate the Hyper 212+, kinda like a hot rods engine / blower poking through.

Since the case only holds 2 HDD's , I bought the Coolermaster Hard drive converter, it holds 4 HDD's, and i can modify the top of the server chassis so this peeks through the top as well or simply attaches to the top of the cover. ( i should mention i will not be rack mounting this)

Updated Photos, I removed the Stock Heat Sink And fitted the Hyper 212+ so i can measure the cover for the cuts needed, also removed the Jet Engine Front intake fan. Marked the Cover for where i need to make cuts (Hole allowing for the cover to be slid on and off)

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