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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JoshOohAh View Post
Too bad I missed the sale :( However do you think there will be a huge difference thats worth the extra $55? From my understanding they both run at a 90% efficiency and giving me a little less on the +12v Rail when compared to the 2 +12v s on the Seasonic. By little I mean like 10A no biggy.

Or should I sit and wait on it because I still have a couple weeks before I get the cards
Not sure what you mean by that first question, all the PSUs mentioned in this thread except the Antec have single 12V rails and are pretty much all made by Seasonic.

M12D series from Seasonic is rebranded as the entire XFX lineup and most of the Corsair HX series.

X series from Seasonic is rebranded (but also slightly revised) as the entire Corsair AX series. (except the AX1200)

It's really just a matter of features and price. ANY of these units will be much more than enough for what you're using it for, with plenty of headroom.
The X series are fully modular vs partially modular on the M12D's, they have slightly higher power efficiency and slightly better ripple control.
The XFX warranty is shorter than the Seasonic warranty which is shorter than the Corsair. (7 years)
The Corsair equivalent of the Seasonic X series (with the exception of the 560W and fanless versions) are slightly revised for even better ripple control and they fix the minor cold boot issues. (the original X series PSUs sometimes wouldn't power up or gave slightly out of spec ripple if you didn't abuse them enough)

Wow, /end textwall. I should go to bed.
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