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Default Logitech Illuminated Keyboard - No space and Shift key randomness!

Hello all,

I bought the logitech illuminated keyboard from Canada Computers refurbished. It has been having this
issue with the shift and spacebar key. At seemingly random times, the shift and space key will just stop working, then also randomly (after some time) it will start working again. Removing power and plugging it back in does not fix the issue - this makes it reasonable to assume that its probably a software/driver issue... unless this keyboard has non-volatile on-board memory and remembers to keep itself messed up lol. The odd thing is that this behavior occurs on both my XP and 7 machines.

Does anyone have any idea why it is behaving this way?

Ps. I gotta be honest, I'd love to pull out a logic analyzer and have a look to see if the spacebar and shift key signals are being sent when the fault occurs (as you can see, I'm not completely convinced its a software issue)...

Thanks for any assistance

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