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I have a Sharp Aquos LC46D62 (Last years model - 46'' 1080p) and Ive never seen a better looking TV. Many tv reviewers i read when deciding on it said it has "the best black level of any LCD tv to date" so im guessing the newer D64 versions will be even better.... Don't they also use the 120Hz refresh rate? If thats the case then TAKE THE AQUOS!!!! 120Hz is no myth or gimmick, its like playing a game at 60fps as oppossed to 30fps. All motions (DVD, HD, Gaming) are smoother and cleaner with less cutting and lines going through the display. So again, if that new Aquos has the 120Hz refresh rate oh for the love of whatever deity you believe in please get it!!! You Wont Be Sorry!!!

EDIT: Just check the sharp site and it seems its the D92 ones have the 120Hz refresh rate only... Sorry for the ranting. Oh well, get the sharp anyways with an extended warranty! :D hehe.
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