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The hate is for GFW in general as it is a complete POS that needs to die. THQ has realized this and hopefully other publishers will too. I'm all for competition in the digital distribution cosmos, but GFW is a pointless and obtrusive DRM masquerading as a service.

The amount of grief GFW has given me vs the amount of grief other services have given me is like <90% vs >10%. I have dozens of Steam games and Steam rarely gives me some kind of game time killing grief. I can't even remember one at this time actually. But the handful of GFW games I own have almost all given me some kind of game time killing grief due to GFW (Batman, DoW2, Bioshock 2, GoW). I only have a few D2D games and so far that's been solid too. And lots of people seem to like Impulse as well but I can't comment at this time. GOG is another fantastic service miles ahead with no DRM at all.

JMHO, everyone is free to choose whatever they want. I just don't suggest services that interfere with my game time vs the ones that don't.
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