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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
One word of advice, the MCP355 is noisy. If you're going for silence, it's not the pump to use.

The rest of the watercooling game I don't want to get into. All I know is I've spent far too much money on it
For the new DDC3.2 models you can actually run them at 7V and they quiet up pretty well. The old MCP355 (DDC2) with the orange impeller is more noisy than a 3.2 IMO.

I've been running mine at 12V and as long as they're soft mounted and have sufficient slack on the tubing they're pretty darn quiet. The key is to minimize the transmission of the pump vibration (through the mount and through the tubing).

The only pumps from my experience that are less noisy than a DDC3.2 are: Eheim 1048, D-Tek db-1, MCP655@lowest setting

The flexibility of a DDC3.2 makes it a winner for me. Replacement tops (stock top makes it have a very small footprint), ability to mod it down to a 3.1, ability to run it at 7V.

Agreed on the Swiftech choice for radiator, they're cheap and do the job well. A MCR320 w/three slow fans can cool a 4GHZ i7, mobo chipset, and 5870 no problems. I recommend Scythe S-Flex fans as they're not too expensive, last long (fluid bearings), and are very quiet when you hit 600 RPM.

If you use 1/2" barbs, 3/8" ID Primoflex LRT (expensive stuff) fit on it very snug. I use steam to soften the tubing and slightly lubricate the tubing for it to push on to 1/2" BitsPower barbs (they're fatter than EK barbs).
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