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The SSD is overkill and too expensive. You could save money on the drive and put it toward a better video card.

When I build gaming machines with two hard drives I partition both drives, no more than 15% of the drive on the outer portion of the platters.

For example, a Western Digital Black is still a very good drive for gaming.

What will become C: drive can be 90GB to 100GB. Of course the OS will go here. Do the same for the second drive and use the outer area of the platters for installed programs.

So, about 100GB for the OS and about 100GB for programs [games] on the second drive [100GB if the second drive is also a WD Black drive].

Extra space on both drives [inner partitions] can be used for anything, music, back-ups, downloads, and so on.

The above will make it much easier to defrag as well.
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