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My System Specs


6870 over the 470 any day. While I love the OC potential of my 470 Golden Edition(Same one as Arinoth), It runs at relatively cool temperatures (40C idle and 80C load) but it pumps out a lot of heat so not only will it heat up your room but your case fans are going to have a bit of a workout in order to keep your system temps within check. This may be an isolated incident but I also found the Twin Frozr had some fan rattle at specific rpm settings. While I may be unlucky with both my cards having this problem albeit at different fan speeds (one rattles from 55-70%fan speed and the other from 65-75) I wouldn't recommend the Twin Frozr heatsinks.

Tl;dr 6870 pumps out less heat, runs cooler and doesn't require as much power as a 470. 6870 is the obvious choice.

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