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My System Specs


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
shame indeed, limited by one qpi link, baaad intel! :p

basically we see a decent..80k ppd per duallie sr2 online? :)
My SR-2 with dual Xeon x5650s at 195x20, or 3.9Ghz gets anywhere between 50+K PPD on 670x units to over 145K PPD on 2692/6900 BigAdv units. 2685/2686 get over 135K PPD for me.

Regular SMP A3 units get in the vicinity of 85 - 90K PPD, and BigAdv 2864s about the same.

There is one user who has a dual x5680 Xeon config running them both at 4.25+Ghz and is getting up to 160K PPD, but his overclock is higher than most.

Generally with the L5640 or L5639 chips, you should see close to 195 - 200 mhz BCLK so 3.5 - 3.6Ghz on these boards and up to around 125 - 130K PPD on the "better" BigAdv units.

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