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Not sure who this is supposed to appeal to, it pretty much runs even with the GTX460 768MB. Wins in memory bandwidth limited situations, loses in shader-limited situations, but in the scenarios where it wins (1920x1080, high AA/details) you should really be moving up to either the GTX460 1GB (for not much more money) or a beefier card entirely.

Especially with the GTX460 768MB cards nosing under $150 (less MIRs) on sale regularly, this is another Sucker Edition methinks, at the current estimated CDN$180 price point.

Edit: I can see the OEMs jumping on this so they can splash "GTX460" on their promo material. Significant improvement over the GTS450, but with low enough power and temperature numbers to not stretch an OEM PSU too much. They'd still need 2x PCIe 6-pin plugs though, so it might become the "high-end" card for most.

Sidebar: Nice to see that registration with a pseudonym and a throwaway GMail account is OK, but trying to use my real name/email gets me flagged as a "spammer."

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