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The big dif between USB and "normal" headsets is the DACs used to power them. IF all you got is onboard sound some of the newer USB based headsets will sound better than a high and headset + onboard combo. IF you have a GOOD soundcard (xonar ST + 7.1 daughter card add-on being one of the best combos out there or Xonar Xense or etc etc) the USB cans will sound a lot worse than a good headset will sound like.

I have the PA 5.1s and they are decent...but damn are they HEAVY. Its like gaming with a motorcycle helmet on (Ok...a SMALL helmet but they are heavy) and it does take awhile to get used to them. They also SUCK for music, movies and anything not gaming related.

If you can give us some info on what you will powering the cans with we probably can give you some specific recommendations. ;)
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