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My System Specs


um i have not read the whole thread but i have been playing with these apps for almost a year know and i can tell you they don't work right even the 1 from indilinx does not work right and when you flash any ssd this particular app resets it self to 100%. in fact the indilinx 1 has said my a-data ssd has been at 19% for almost 4 months know and i am trying to kill it it has formatted and restarted with 7 about 10 times in the last month alone and still no movement cell wearing is at over 8000 writes to all cells but still it goes on strong as every.

I have learned there only good for playing with,1 of the patriot warp v2 i sold a buddie he killed it mind you it was the only drive in the system and his kids did nothing but stream internet stuff all day long it last almost a year but it's dead no doubt about it. my 2 cents as always have fun playing with them but don't count your ssd as alive as it says or as dead as i use to think he he. this app uses the same info as the indilinx one fyi
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