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I'm very curious about it too. Here's a part of my first msg on a ncix thread I wrote last week. If things goes well my parents will buy my Auzen Forte for my sister's to use with her Razer Mako instead of being either on onboard or Audigy 1 soundcard so it should be a major step forward for her then this will let me have money to buy the new Auzentech. I'm not scared anymore about the "fps loss" since I have a very powerful cpu that will compensate more than required. I'm only wondering if the sound quality will be better than what I can get from my Forte and if the stock opamp will be crap and that we'll need to shell an extra 200$ for better opamps or if the stock one will also be better than the ones from all other Auzentech. Until there's a detailed review, can't know at all.

Things I'm wondering however is about the following:
1- I currently have a Auzen Forte hooked to my Harman Kardon AVR-1600 by multi-channel 5.1 analog and I'm using KEF KHT-3005SE speakers which I bought here. With such a good setup, is there gonna be a noticeable increase of sound quality if I switch to this new card as even if I don't upgrade the opamp yet it's gonna use a totaly different chipset and software.

2- Since the new card won't be using a X-Fi chipset, is there gonna be a equivalent/similar feature as (CMSS-3D) and (Crystalizer) but in better? It would be a shame to miss such important features that helps making music and games sounds better.

3- The chipset will prolly be slower than the X-Fi even though it will have some sort of hardware acceleration. Is there gonna be a signifiant difference in games or not really and even less if I have a powerful processor like a X6 1055T from 2.8 to 3.90Ghz?
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