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Default MSI X58M Posting issues

So I decided it'd be a great idea to get a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and a new Coolermaster Elite 370 to fit it during NCIX's last sale. Yesterday I finally had time to do the swap and of course something went wrong.....

My MSI X58M is hanging on boot. It gets to the memory check and checks the memory but that's where it stops. I can't access the bios or anything. The only thing that has changed is the new case and heatsink. All parts were working before I swapped the heatsink. I'm going to try pulling the heat sink and re-seating the CPU this morning.

Here is what I've done;

When I turn the computer on with no ram it gives me a proper 3 beep error. But with even 1 stick in the computer starts booting to just past the ram check then hangs. I still have keyboard control and am able to CTRL-ALT-DEL a restart. I have cleared the CMOS with the jumper but still no luck. There is a CPU phase LED on the board that is lit without ram but when the ram is installed the LED goes dark after 10 seconds. All settings were stock before the heat sink swap.

Thanks in advance guys.

Edit: So, new information in the fight against evil!

After posting this post I came down and powered on the motherboard again. The system had been unplugged all night. This time the system fired up and posted with beep and all. It said it had a cmos checksum error. The motherboard allows me to use a default profile but when I hit F2 to tell it to revert a password prompt came up. I've never had my BIOS passworded so now I'm super confused..

After that brief glimpse hope it's hanging again..

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