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Originally Posted by TimTheEnchanter View Post
Allright, so my girlfriend finally bought a PS3 (120gb version) at Future Shop. Now she's been told about extended warranties. 60$-70 (i forgot) for 2 years. I told her to wait and get informed before getting it.

Since many of you have consoles, what are your thoughts about it? Should we get it?
Just remember that if she paid with visa that will likely have doubled the warranty to 2 years (check with CC policy to confirm). I had my PS3 for two and a half years before the blueray drive failed. This is apparently one of the more common problems with the PS3. Being out of warranty I got it fixed/replaced locally for about $100. I would be reluctant to spent $70 on a warranty when it really only adds 1 more year to a 2 year warranty (assuming you used visa).
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