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My System Specs


Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
ps3 = no
xbox 360 = yes
The old style 360s have 3 year warranty against the RROD anyway from Micro$oft

IMO, $70 is kind of high for a 'two year" warranty on a $300 system.

Do remember that if your system goes, the accessories, HD etc. will still be fine and you will just have to buy a basic model replacement, and in a years time, the prices may have fallen. Also, you do get a 1 year warranty from SONY, so that $70 is basically for 1 extra year (plus hassle free replacement for the first year, instead of mailing it in to SONY)

I personally never buy those extended warranties, but I have to say that they can come in handy.

My folks had bought an IBM pc from futureshop (back in the days of windows 3.1) with a 5 year plan and our house got struck by lightning and killed the PC among other things. Futureshop replaced the 4 year old PC with a MUCH better model with no questions asked.

Also, a friend of mine had an acer laptop die about 2 months before the end of the extended warranty. She told them she didn't want another acer and so they gave her store credit in the amount equivalent to a current similar model acer laptop and she put it towards a better toshiba.
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