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The bios doesn't have an option to disable the onboard graphics unfortunately, only the onboard audio. You can only choose to use either the onboard or the pci express or pci first, I've tried the first two options without success. Someone on another forum i was reading said something about disabling the onboard driver in windows but I haven't tried that yet as I don't really see how that would affect the bios, or would it?

Another idea I had is using an unlocked bios hoping that there is a hidden option to disable the onboard video, I haven't tried that yet, risky, although if i'm going to buy another mb, anyway what have i got to loose.

I found out that the Asrock N68-S mainboard uses the Nvidia 630a chipset which does not support PCI Express 2.0 so I guess Im back to square one.

My case doesn't have a removable backplate so I was thinking of cutting a hole in it so that a custom backplate would fit but now that i think about it more its probably too hard to cut the metal.
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