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Default Asrock N68-S UCC with Power color HD5670 512 graphics card

HI I recently brought a new Power Color HD5670 512Mb graphics card however it did not work in my current system which uses an MSI MS-7297 motherboard. This motherboard only supports PCI express 1.0 and so basically the computer wouldn't boot. I tried different bios settings, flashed by bios to the latest version, contacted AMD and MSI but no luck.

So I am now looking at getting a new mainboard. I am looking at the Asrock N68-S UCC because its the only one that I can find that will fit into my Micro ATX case since my case does not have a removable backplate so I need to buy a mainboard with the same port/connector layout as my current board and the Asrock seems to be the only one that will fit.

I have a couple of questions though.

Does anyone know if this motherboard support PCI Express 2.0? I looked on the manufactures website but they don't specfy the PCI Express version which makes me think that perhapes it doesn't.

Secondly does anyone know the difference between the N68-S and the N68-S3? again I couldn't really find any difference when comparing the specs on the manfactures website.

Thanks in advanced.
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