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Default 6970 performance just below GTX 580

"We believe that the [Radeon HD 6900] will be the No. 1 on the market and no one [will be able to] compete with AMD. We believe that the performance of the new-generation Radeon HD 6900 will be 30% to 50% higher compared to the Radeon HD 6800-series," said Eliane Liao, a spokeswoman for Power Color, in an interview with Donanim Haber web-site.
In case Ms. Liao is correct and the Radeon HD 6970 - the fastest single-chip Cayman-based graphics card - will be about 40% faster than the Radeon HD 6870 on average, the novelty will deliver performance comparable or higher than the GeForce HD 480, but will not be able to compete head-to-head against Nvidia Corp.'s new flagship offering, the GeForce GTX 580.
ATI Radeon HD 6970 "Cayman" to Provide Significant Performance Boost - Graphics Cards Maker - X-bit labs
News: AMD Radeon HD 6900 - Powercolor verrät die vermutliche Leistung | Grafikkarten | News | Hardware |
PowerColor ile Radeon HD 6900 serisinin performans
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